Nokina West Trade kft.

9700 Szombathely, Gyöngyösparti sétány 3-4.


Telefon: 0036 /94 /310-580


0036 /20 /946-8969

0036 /20 /919-0555

Fax: 0036 /94 /510-697


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Nyitva tartás:

H-Cs: 8:00 - 16:30

P : 8:00 - 14:00

Személyszálltító Mercedes buszaink

Our company Nokina West Trade Kft. is established in Budapest and Szombathely, its main business has been domestic and foreign passenger transportation, bus renting since 1997. We offer quality services at competitive prices.

Our ever-expanding fleet of luxury buses have capacity from 7 to 49 +2 passengers, but we aim to meet your needs through partners with other categories. If required, we can provide trailer, ski box etc. Our drivers have gained years of professional, international experience and have a good command of a foreign language (English/German).

Our buses can be hired home and abroad for the following activities by various groups (schools, kindergartens and pensioner clubs, sports clubs, firms, orchestras, circles of friends or any other groups)
* trips, class trips, ski tours,
* conferences, sporting events,
* theatre and other performances,
* student and worker transportation,
* sightseeing, tourism and travel programs,
* weddings, airport and other transfers

For further information please contact us using the web contact form, or fill out our online request form.